Do you also manage premises?

Yes; FIX Property manages premises and/or office spaces. Our core business is the residential market, but we also manage portfolios with homes and premises.

What you mean with furnished, semi-furnished, or basic rental?

With basic rental (usually this concerns renting via a housing association) a home merely has a standard kitchen and a tiled bathroom with sink, bath or shower. With semi-furnished renting the home has a floor, curtains, fixed lighting, and a completely decorated kitchen with appliances. Furnished homes are the most extensive: aside from the fact that it is semi-furnished, the home is equipped with furniture, appliances, in addition to having internet access and a television. The tenant can immediately move in.

What tax incentives should I keep in mind when I decide to rent out my property?

We often receive these types of questions and we prefer to refer property owners to the website of the tax administration since the government and tax authorities often modify and/or change regulations. If you have a specific question you are welcome to send us an email. Please discuss complex matters with your bookkeeper or accountant.

Which is better? Renting out to a company or an individual?

Many property owners would like to rent out to a company from the surrounding area due to certainty. The certainty of payment and a tidy tenant. This is true. However, private tenants are also a viable option as they are also tidy and often long-term tenants.

I live abroad, is this problematic in terms of communication?

50% of our property owners live outside of Nijmegen/Arnhem, or abroad. This is not a problem. We can communicate perfectly via phone or email. We can take everything out of your hands, even if the property has not been rented out yet. Think of renovations, furnishing, cleaning.