To lease in 5 steps

Step 1: Register to our website for free

With this free registration you will inform us about your wishes which enables us to actively go out and look for your new home.

Step 2: A viewing

If you are interested in viewing one or several of the selected properties please let us know. During the visit we will guide you through the property and answer all your questions. It is not a problem if the property turns out to be not the right one for you! We will keep looking until you have found the right home.

Step 3: Book your new home

After you have made your choice we will discuss the rental conditions and possible points of negotiation.  Subsequently you will sign a declaration of intent stating you want to rent the property.

Step 4: Documents

The property owner wants to know who is about to rent his/her property, and to properly introduce you we offer the owner a  tenants profile.  In order to provide the owner with this profile we need a number of documents, namely:

  • A copy of a recent bank statement with your address and most recent deposit of wages or student loans.
  • A copy of a valid identity document
  • A contract
  • Two most recent pay slips
  • If necessary we will carry out a credit check.

As soon as the documents are reviewed and approved by the property owner we will contact you. Subsequently we will send you a concept of the lease enabling you to read it in advance. In case of any questions we can answer them beforehand after which signing is simply a formality.

Step 5: Transfer and move

After signing the lease we will make an appointment for the check-in and the key transfer. During this check-in we will, once again, walk you through the property to discuss and register any relevant points. This is essential in order for us to be able to refund your deposit later on.

After you have received your key it is time to move!