Fix Vastgoed specializes in renting out to expats. Expats are foreign workers who temporarily work in the Netherlands. They are often send by a company from their home country, or hired by a Dutch company. Expats receive a high income and a high level of training. They are reliable tenants looking for homes in the more expensive segment. The main advantage of expats is that they live in the Netherlands for a number of months or years.  After the rental period your property can be used for a new rental period, private residence, or can be put up for sale. Fix Vastgoed housing rentals has ties to many local companies and organizations that hire expats, which enables us to quickly find an expat for your property. Examples of companies we work for are: Heinz, NXP, Radboud University, Donders Institute, Max Planken, and Shell.

A tenant via Fix Vastgoed is a screened tenant: creditworthiness, antecedents, and identity. We can help you draw up a lease and inspect the property before and after the rental period. You will not be confronted with unexpected surprises. Renting to expats: reliable tenants within the more expensive price range.

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