Your property or investment is worth a lot and as an investor you are subject to a continuous process of changes within the legislation. Standards are refined and tenants receive (even) better protection. The return of your investment is lost due to the time you spend on compulsory administrative acts, the troubleshooting of technical defects, or the time it takes to cash in rent. Fix Vastgoed is in full knowledge of the facts and is able to take care of all your needs. We professionalize the care of your real estate and ensure optimal efficiency.


We achieve an optimal return with the use of a fully automated software program designed to manage properties.  This comprehensive, web based software is modularly built. That is to say that the system supports various business processes and as such can be integrally used. We, not only automate the processes, we also actively control operational tasks. However, depending on your needs and wishes we can also modularly make use of the system.


Fix Vastgoed provides custom-made goods. You can rely on us for the structural  management of your investments in both commercial and administrative management.  However, you can, for example,  also decide to make use of merely technical management. Naturally we additionally offer you the full administrator package so that your financial, commercial, and technical matters will no longer be of your concern.

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