With many property investments the emphasis is placed on the location. However, the quality of the tenant is just as important. With each investment FIXvastgoed carefully takes the risks and opportunities into account.  The objective is always the same:  to combine an attractive as possible return with optimal security. Invest strategically!

Real estate should be an asset to each real estate portfolio. However, it is a major challenge to find the appropriate objects with a good architectural state and a high return. In addition, matters as fire safety, and licenses from the local government should be taken into account. In short, thorough advice and guidance is necessary when purchasing an investment property. FIXvastgoed specializes in such matters. During an introductory meeting all desired aspects become evident such as, the aim for return, the location, the possibilities the property has to offer, and the type of real estate. Subsequently we go out to find an investment property that matches the prescribed profile.

Financing rented out properties is a difficult task that requires customization. Or are you thinking of purchasing a property but do not know where to find the appropriate funding? FIXvastgoed knows where to turn in the complex banking sector.  During the introductory meeting we can provide you with a primary indication of the possibilities. Refinancing additionally belongs to the possibilities.

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