With Fix Vastgoed you can quickly, easily, and in a reliable manner rent out your home. For years we have focused on renting,  renting out, and management. In addition, we are experienced in temporary rental based on the Dutch Vacancy Law.

Fix Vastgoed has an unique approach. Being active suits this approach. We work on the basis of trust and involvement. That is why we always visit you beforehand. We discuss the object and advise you on the rent, and the ability the object has to be rented out. During our visit you can make your wishes, with regard to future tenants, known. We merely mediate for candidates who can provide us with valid identification, insight into their personal background, and whose financial resources are sufficient.  Aside from renting out you can visit us for various management packages.  Think, for instance, of commercial, financial, and technical management, where, during the entire rental period, we will be the single point of contact to the tenant 24/7. 

Are you looking for a complete overview of our management packages? Please feel free to contact us for a non-binding appointment.