Renting is not so simple
The demand of a home in relation to the offered available rental properties in Nijmegen, Arnhem and surroundings is so much higher; it is almost a sport to respond as quickly as possible at the right property when one does comes along. And how often is the respond you get … Sorry, it’s already rented, sorry but there are already sufficient candidates … We know how hard it is. There is much involved in searching and finding a suitable accommodation. We offer a transparent method, great accessibility and a quick follow-up of your questions.

How can we help?
Based on the given profile we make a list of all your wishes and needs. With this information we will search for properties in and outside our own network, database and personal networks.

Market knowledge
We have thorough knowledge of the city and its surroundings. We can give you information about the neighbourhood and tell you how the environment is. We also know through our years of experience where the most beautiful places are or the most practical. So many people, so many wishes.

Guidance throughout the process
And when the perfect home is found, we will help you with the discussions of the rent, date of availability, term of tenancy, etc. We check the rental contract and mediate between you and the landlord. We will accompany with the completion and inspection of the property so that there are no ambiguities are at the start of the rental period. We will take care of a professional inspection report including photos. We can also arrange the utilities for you as gas, water and electricity.

And then …

Even after you have rented the property, we will continue to work for you. When there is for example a disagreement between you and the landlord we will help you out.